"Passionate for turning data into information, and information into insights" 

With technology innovations and data driven skills, business analytics makes it possible for companies to treat their business data as corporate asset and actively looks for ways to turn it into competitive advantage. Business Analytics makes it possible to run a business with confident decisions and drive it with operational efficiency creates a new path for business growth. 


How does Charmi Doshi & Co help you through Business Analytics? 

Business Requirements

  • Business context & constraints 
  • Internal & external factors  
  • Identifying KPIs for each user

Virtual CFO

  • Ready Business MIS 
  • Management Consultancy on Time  

Business Analytics 

  • Social Media Analytics 
  • Risk Analytics 
  • Supply Chain Analytics 
  • Customer Analytics 
  • Operation & Planning Analytics 
  • HR Analytics 

Don’t build metrics that aren’t going to be part of your day-to-day operations or don’t have potential to be incorporated as such. Building reports that no one looks at is just activity without accomplishment, and is a waste of time.” 

Creating atmosphere in the organization that everyone to be able to look at their data and make sense out of it