CFO Services is gaining more demand day by day. When business and the economy is growing, it is advisable to have a financial advisor in the company to manage all your financial requirements professionally. With growing demands for business houses to be professional ever on the rise the need for CFO services has been on increase.

We offer our clients an outsourced finance function with the level of service tailored to their specific needs. Our services cover a broad range of expertise.

We offer following services

Financial Planning:

We will help you in preparing Annual budgets, Cash Flow Projection, Cash Flow management, advising on working capital cycle etc.

Financial Statements:

We will provide our expert service inpreparation of year-end statutory financial statements for audit, Compilation of records and schedules in preparation for audit, liaising with auditors to ensure smooth completion of audit.

Management Reporting:

Professional service in management reporting will help the organization in growing their business faster. Management Reporting will include Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement-with appropriate comparisons, Key Performance Indicators, Analysis of differences between actual result and budget, Debtor and Creditor analysis.

CFO Consulting:

If you currently handle the money matters for your own company, then the benefits of virtual CFO are many.

Benefits of Virtual CFO

Looking to the current situation when we are creating data at every minute and in near future also it seems that there will be more increased volume and variety of data. Out of this identifying  which data is most valuable to you is key point on which your overall Analysis depends.

Relatively affordable

Small & Medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurs has the flexibility to decrease or increase the overall working hours of the virtual CFO. Further, Organization should pay money based on the consulting agreement and services taken.


Virtual CFO are important for small businesses due to their ability to multi-task. As a Virtual CFO, we are expertise into Cash flow projection, HR, MIS Reporting, Data Analysis and Management Consultancy by communicating the same to the management and can contribute in immense ways towards a small business. The outsourced CFO is a colleague that take you out of the level of projections, bookkeeping, accounting procedures and finance.

Increases focus on core business activities

In the absence of a CFO, small business owners must keep a track of accounting and finance. This reduces their concentration of core product and hence, hampers the company’s productivity and efficiency. Hiring a virtual CFO for small business can improve the efficiency by increasing the focus on core-business process.

Help you to get a full-time CFOs

Virtual CFOs help the entrepreneur and small business owner to get successful transition to a full-time CFO.

Our expert virtual CFO service will make deep analysis that shows you the financial health of your organization and provides recommendations with respect to the profitability and liquidity of your company.