Information Technology has brought huge revolutionary change in way of doing business.

Social Media influences human sentiments i.e. thoughts, perceptions, behavior, choice etc. It has completely changed marketing campaigns and Target audience.


On social media platforms there is flood of data. You can gather maximum data but it will be of no use unless some insight called ”information” with specific objective not derived out of it.


Social Media Analytics is playing a crucial role in identifying success path of business.

It helps to understand, to manage, to control, to decide and to further plan business activities on social media platforms. It becomes very important to analyze all business KPIs say product promotion, customer satisfaction, customer feedback.


Social Media Analytics is the practice of collecting data from social media platforms and analyzing that data for defined business objectives or business decisions.



Need for Social Media Analytics

  1. Better engagement with target audience
  2. Improved Customer Relations
  3. More engagements towards business KPIs
  4. More time saves
  5. Strategical moves towards business goals
  6. Consistent watch on market competition


Benefits of Social Media Analytics

Comparison of reach on various SM Platforms

MIS Reporting of SM Data

Consultancy for right SM data analytics tool

Consultancy for introducing & implementing SM Data analytics in organization

Analyze followers

Analyze maximum reach

Analyze results of each post

Identify influencers



In nutshell it can be said that “Social Media Analytics is difference between success and failure for achieving business goals.”


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